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Prescriptive Music is one of the nation’s leading music branding and consulting companies. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Prescriptive Music has helped to pioneer the increasingly-popular use of ’sensory branding’ leveraging the emotional and powerful effect of customized music to build customer loyalty and brand differentiation. Prescriptive Music works with major hotels, restaurants, spas and retailers to develop personalized music branding systems that help them attract and retain customers.

Through complete custom music programming, innovative private label CDs, state-of-the-art background music delivery systems, customized music download stores, audio integration and much more, Prescriptive Music connects brands with consumers on a meaningful and enduring level.

visit us at www.rxmusic.com

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Background Music System
Custom Background Music Programming that allows you to set the right ambience in your establishment. Daypart multiple music zones remotely from one single system.

Private Label Music CDs
Creativity meets specialty packaging. Extend your brand message with the right sound and look.

A/V Integration
We combine industry expertise with leading edge technology to design & engineer your AV system.

Spin Your Vibe
Live DJ performances for your corporate events. Let us capture and enhance the mood & energy of your cocktail parties, pool parties, opennings, art shows, bar events, etc.

Music Video System
On-Demand Music video service that allows you to view and play what you want, when you want it.

Music Download Stores
Custom Music Download Stores that provides you with a fully branded download interface. The perfect marketing tool to help you reach new clientele.

High quality recordings for your phone messaging system. Keep your clients informed with your latest promotions.

Stream Your Vibe
Have your own Radio Station, specifically branded for your business. Web Radio consists of one or more custom music channels streamed directly from your website.

For More information visit: www.rxmusic.com